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Bob started his comedy career at the famous Laff Stop in Newport Beach, California and the laff’s haven't stopped yet.  Bob did so well so fast, he was soon asked to be the house MC.  The crowds responded so quickly to Bob's unique stage energy that within a mere six months, that's the equivalent of fifteen minutes in comedy years, Bob was producing and hosting his own show's five nights a week in Orange County.  To expand his comedy horizons, and material, Bob hit the road for six months non-stop touring across the country.  This six-month comedy odyssey allowed Bob to develop his unpredictably hysterical approach to comedy. You never know what he's going to say, when he'll break into an appropriate or, for that matter, inappropriate song, share the voices in his head with the audience or get down with the crowd.  Bob always has fun on stage and the audience can’t help but be swept up in the laughter.

Being clean and sober for over 17 years hasn't slowed Bob down one bit. In fact, Bob is one of the most requested acts at Recovery conventions across the country doing his One Man Recovery Show at over 275 12-STEP conventions, roundups, conferences, fundraisers, treatment centers and Alumni events in the last 17 years alone. In March of 2010 Bob became the first American comedian to perform at an 12 Step convention in the UK.

In addition to playing the top clubs, Bob is now touring overseas entertaining our troops, as if they don't have enough insanity to deal with already.  Whether you see Bob on network or cable TV, in the major comedy clubs or in a tent in Iraq, always cinch your seatbelt tightly across your funny bone and hold on for a wild ride into the hysterical world of Bob Perkell; he's one of a kind - thank God.