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Recovery Comedian:

C.A. World, Irvine, CA. & Chicago, IL. Salt City, UT.

A.A., Rocky Point Round-Up, Mexico

C.A.N.A.C. Laughlin, NV.   (Thrice)

C.I.R.C.N.A. IV, Palm Springs, CA.

S.S.R.C.N.A.,VIII, Reno, NV.

S.F.R.C.N.A., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

C.A.L.A., Palm Springs, CA.

M.A.G.N.A., Atlanta, GA.

P.S.R.C.C.A., Marina Del Rey, CA.

C.A.W.A., Leavenworth, WA.

C.R.C. XIV, Chicago, IL.

G.R.C.N.A. XXI, Macon, GA.

R.G.R.C.N.A. XXIII, El Paso, TX.

P.C.R.N.A. IX, Bend, OR.

C.M.A. VII, Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

N.A.C.N.A. I, Cleveland, TX.

Yukaholics XVI, Beverly Hills, CA. (Yearly)

Rainbow Weekend N.A.VI, Miami, FL.

Start to Live XX, N.A., Pittsburgh, PA.

T.A.C.N.A. III,  Redding, CA.

S.F.V.N.A., Burbank, CA.

M.W.V.A.C.N.A. V, Grande Ronde, OR.

C.E.N.A. I, Omaha, NE.

O.C.A.A. XVIII, Costa Mesa, CA.

S.C.A.A.N.A. Laffin for Life, I, II, III. IV

C.A. R.I.T.R. XIV, Park City , UT.

O.C.A.N.A., Laffin 4 Life, Anaheim, CA.  I, II, III, IV, V.

V.R.C.N.A. XXI, Gatlinburg, TN.

T.A.C.N.A. IV, Eureka, CA.

C.C.C.R.C.N.A. XII, Bakersfield, CA.

B.C.A.C.N.A. IV, L.A. CA.

T.S.C.A.C. XIV – Indianapolis, IN.

S.I.R.C.N.A. XV, Boise ID.

S.W.T.N.A. VIII, Corpus Christi, TX.

N.E.A.G.C.N.A. IV, Lake Lanier, GA.

R.G.R.C.N.A. XVI, Santa Fe, N.M.

P.R.C.C.N.A. 2005. Grants Pass, OR.

F.R.C.N.A. 2005, Jacksonville, FL.

C.A.N.A.C. XIX, Laughlin, NV

V.C.A.A.C. XXVII, Westlake, CA.

L.A.A.B.C.N.A. XXIV, Allentown, PA.

S.S.R.C.N.A. X Reno, NV.

S.W.T.N.A. VIII, Corpus Christi, TX.

N.E.A.G.C.N.A. IV, Lake Lanier, GA.

R.G.R.C.N.A. XVI, Santa Fe, N.M.

P.R.C.C.N.A. 2005. Grants Pass, OR.

F.R.C.N.A. 2005, Jacksonville, FL.

C.A.N.A.C. XIX, Laughlin, NV

V.C.A.A.C. XXVII, Westlake, CA.

L.A.A.B.C.N.A. XXIV, Allentown, PA.

S.S.R.C.N.A. X Reno, NV.

S.C.R.C.N.A. XXVII, Pomona, CA.

C.C.A.N.A. IV, Montgomery, AL.

P.S.Y.P.C. 2006, Belevue, WA.

B.C.A.N.A. XXX, San Pedro, CA.

G.R.C.N.A. XXV, Valdosta, GA.

S.G.P.V.C.A. XIV, Ventura, CA.

G.M.A.C.N.A. IX Mobile AL

F.A.C.N.A. VI St. Augustine, FL.

O.K.R.C.N.A. XX - Tulsa OK.

N.G.A.C.N.A. VII - Gainsville, GA.

N.C.C.A.F.R.N.A. XVII Raleigh, N.C.

A.A. South Bay Roundup XXII - Torrance, CA.

A.H.A.C.N.A.A. XX Front- Royal, VA.

C.R.C.N.A. XX Steamboat Springs, CO.

A.R.C.N.A. 2006 Anchorage, AL.

A.A. Shasta Winterfest. 2007 Redding, CA.

S.F.V.A.A.C. 2007 Burbank, CA.

C.E.C.K.N.A. 07 Omaha, NB.

F.F.F.C.N.A. VII – Topeka, KS.

A.R.V.A.N.A. 07 – FT. Smith, AK.

S.T.A.C.N.A.  II – Cocoa Beach, FL.

N.G.A.C.A.N.A 2007 – Gainsville, GA

P.C.R.C.N.A. XIV – Medford, OR.

L.R.C.N.A. XXV – Alexandria, LA.

AZ.S.C.C.A. 2007 – Tempe AZ.

M.R.C.N.A. 2007 Lansing, MI.

O.S.R.P.A.A. 2007 – Tulsa OK.

C.A. River Unity 2007 – Sacramento, CA. P.N.W.C.N.A XXX – Boise ID.

S.S.R.C.N.A. XII – Reno NV.

W.N.Y.R.C.N.A. XII – Grand Island, NY.

V.R.C.N.A. XXV – Knoxville, TN.

C.R.C.N.A. XX – Chicago, IL.

S.N.A.C.N.A. 2008 – Las Vegas, NV

T.B.R.C.N.A.  2008– Houston, TX.

R.G.R.C.N.A. XIX – El Paso, TX.

L.S.R.C.N.A. XIX – Grapevine, TX.

S.T.A.C.N.A. III – Cocoa Beach, FL.

E.I.E.N.A. 2008 Grand Terrace, CA.

I.C.A.C.N.A. X – Milwaukee, WI.

C.M.S.R.C.N.A. 2008 – Visalia, CA.

I.R.C.N.A. – XXV – Waterloo, IA.

M.C.C.N.A. 2008 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

C.A.N.A.M.A.C. 2008 – Albuquerque, NM.

F.R.C.N.A. 2008 – Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Recovery Gone Wild  CA 2008 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

N.R.C.N.A. XXV – Grand Island, NE.

P.N.W.C.N.A. XXXI – Seattle, WA.

F.S.R.C.N.A. XVI – Baltimore, MD.

C.A.C.O.S.W.W.A. – Vancouver, WA.

A.R.V.C.N.A. – Ft. Smith, AK.

L.S.R.C.N.A. XX – Grapevine, TX.

U.R.M.R.C.N.A. X – Cheyenne, WY.




Treatment Center list,

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A.R.V.A.N.A. XXIV – Tucson, AZ

P.C.R.C.N.A. X – Florence, OR.

S.D.R.C.N.A. XIX – San Diego, CA.

I.R.C.N.A. – Des Moines, IA.

M.D.A.C.N.A. – Oxford, MS.

CA 2009 – Albuquerque, NM.

Recovery Walk 2009 – University of Ft. Smith AR.

Alive in The Midwest C.A. – Omaha, NE.

Cabin Fever Prevention 2010 - Osage, MO.

Our Common Welfare 2010 - Blackpool, England

B.C.C.N.A. - Torrance, CA.

L.S.R.C.N.A. XXV - Grapevine, TX.

O.C.N.A. XXVIII - Lima OH.

L.R.C.N.A. XXVIII - Lafayette, LA.

M.R.C.N.A XXVII - Midland, MI.

A.A. Summerfest  2010 - Eugene, OR.

S.I.R.N.A.C.  II - Seattle, WA.

E.L.V.C.N.A. 2010 - Las Vegas, NV.

S.C.A.A. 2010 - San Clemente, CA.

W.S.N.A.C. 2010 - Wisconsin Dells, WI.

S.C.R.C.N.A. XXXI - Anaheim. CA

Betty Ford Center Alumni - Indian Wells, CA.

S.C.R.C.N.A. XXXI - Anaheim, CA.

T.B.R.C.N.A. XI – College Station, TX.

C.C.R.C.N.A. XIX - Ventura, CA.

S.W.A.N.A. I - Murrieta CA.

AA Spirit By The Sea - Rohoboth, DE.

G.R.C.N.A. XX - Valdosta, GA.

S.E.T.C.N.A. I - Beaumont, TX.

O.C.A.A.C. XVII - Costa Mesa, CA.

A.A. Seaside Convention, Seaside, OR.

D.A.C.N.A. XII - Daytona, FL

P.C.R.C.N.A. XVII - Medford, OR.

F.R.C.N.A. XXX - West Palm Beach, FL.

C.A.N.A.C. XIX - Laughlin, NV.

I.E.A.A.C. 2012 - San Bernandino, CA.

66th Annual Deluth Roundup - Deluth, MN.

S.W.R.C.C.A. 2012 - OKC, OK.

S.S.R.C.N.A. XVI - Reno. NV.

S.W.A.A.N.A. - Murrietta, CA.

Charlie Street Fundraiser - Costa Mesa, CA.

A.A. San Diego Spring Roundup - San Diego, CA

M.N.N.A.C. XVIV-Rochester, MN.


S.U.A.C.N.A. V - St. George, UT.

D.A.C.N.A. XIII - Daytona,  FL.

A.N.W.F.R.C.N.A. XXXV - Panama City, FL.

Yukaholics 2012 - Beverly Hills, CA.

V.R.C.  XXX - Chattanooga, TN.

S.F.V.A.A.C.  38  - Woodland Hills, CA.

Clean and Free 2013 - Ocean Shores, WA.

P.N.W.C.C.A. - Ocean Shores, WA.

C.R.C.N.A. - Keystone, CO.

B.L.R.C.N.A. - Abeline, TX.

S.C.A.N.A. VI - Cocoa Beach, FL.

Celebration of Recovery 28 - Vernal UT.

C.M.S.R.C.N.A. XIII - Modesto, CA.

T.S.C.N.A. XII - Beamont, TX.

H.A.C.N.A. - Houston, TX.

R.51.C.N.A. - Las Vegas NV.

S.C.R.C.N.A. XXXV - Ontario, CA.

S.W.A.N.A. - Murietta, CA.

Cabin Fever 2015 - Lake of The Ozarks, MO.

C.C.R.C.N.A. XXIII - Bakersfield, CA.

G.R.C.N.A. XXIV - Augusta, GA.

N.C.C.N.A XXXVII - San Jose, CA.

P.N.R.C. 2015 - Salt Lake City, UT.

N.A. Seaside -  Seaside, OR.

L.R.C.N.A. XXXIII - Alexandria, LA.

C.I.R.C.N.A. XVII - Rancho Mirage, CA.

F.W.A.C.N.A. IX - Ft. Worth, TX.

Freedom Coaltion Festival 2015 - Irvine, CA.

CA XXX Anniversary - Hollywood, CA.

C.A.L.A. XXX - Indian Wells, CA.

S.O.C.A.A.N.A. - San Clemente, CA.

S.S.R.C.N.A. XX - Reno, CA.

V.R.C.N.A. XXXIII - Pigeon Forge, TN.

S.W.A.A.N.A. - Temecula, CA.

M.A.R.C.N.A. - Huntchinson, KS.

Spring Fling - Lincoln, NE.

A.A. LGBT - San Jose, CA.

P.C.R.C.N.A. XX - Grants Pass, OR.

C.A. XXX Celebration - Scottsdale, AZ.

C.I.R.C.N.A. - Palm Desert, CA.

S.R.I. Roundup -  Phoenxi, AZ.

A.A. Convention - San Diego, CA.

A.A. Convention - Santa Maria, CA.

N.A. Convention, Fairbanks, AK.

3rd Legacy - Lodi, CA.

2017 N.A. Convention - Ocean Shores, WA.

2017 N.A. Convention - Oklahoma City, OK.

2017 N.A. Convention - Daytona, FL.

2017 H.A. World Convention - Phoenix, AZ.

2017 12-Step Convention - Chattanooga, TN.

2017 S.O.C.C.A.A.N.A. - San Clemente, CA.

2017 N.A. Convention - Osh Kosh, WI.

2017 12-Step Convention - Shreveport, LA.

2017 N.A. Convention - Denver, CO.

12- Step Cincinnati Theater  Fundraiser - Cincinnatti, OH.

2018 12- Step Round-up - Mahnomen, M.N.

2018 12- Step Round-up - Okanogan Valley, WA.

2018 N.A. Convention -Houston, TX.

2018 12-Step Round-up - Solomon, MD.

2018 12-Step Convention - Minneapolis, MN.

And a gazillion more.